Prefabricated Housing: The Solution to Making Your Beach Lifestyle Dream Come True

Being entirely surrounded by the ocean, Australia has no shortage of fine, white sandy beaches. With a love of the outdoors deeply ingrained in Aussie DNA, it’s understandable why the beach lifestyle is the dream of many. With plenty of breath-taking views to bask in, lots of sunshine, to work on the tan and vitamin D intake, and cultural as well as sports events to have fun with, no one can blame you if you want to make this lifestyle yours.

Of course, there’s a long way from dreaming to actually materialising this dream if we consider the cost of making it happen. One can only make resort reservations or rent out beach properties for so long before realising the amount of money going down the drain, what with rising prices. Which leaves us with building or buying the dream beachside retreat. The key to getting good value for your money with such an investment is to set your eyes on the modular concept.

Much different from the low-quality box-like post-war designs, the modular homes of today are so advanced and advantageous, they’ve practically become synonymous with quality, comfort, convenience, uniqueness, cost, and energy-efficiency. And it’s all because of the prefabricated base created in factory-controlled conditions responsible for the precision, minimal errors and damages, as well as the speedy construction and assembly process that’ll have you relaxing on the beach sooner than you think.

Why Get a Prefab Beach Home?

Simple: because unlike a traditional stick built home, this one can be done in no time (as quick as 12 weeks), resulting in lower costs and a stress-free experience. But, there’s so much more to the lovely prefabricated beach house design than the mere convenience of planned budget and expenses, or the fast build time that makes for a housing solution that’s gentle on the environment. Ready to fall in love even more with the modular concept?

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Get The Best of Both Worlds of Indoor and Outdoor Living

Functionality is at its finest when it comes to these homes that are everything you could wish for in a traditional home plus some extras. This is perfectly exemplified in the design of some exceptional modular houses, like the Point Leo beach house in Victoria, that combine the best of both indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

You want to make as much use of your indoor comfort, just as much as you want to enjoy the perks of coastline living, so features like a kitchen that connects your home’s interior with the exterior for easy entertaining are a given with smart solutions such as servery windows. Whether you prefer to get a yard at the back or at the front, the kind that integrates the beach life with the urban dwelling, it’s easily doable with the prefabricated beach house solution.

And it’s all achieved with utmost safety and privacy, of course, so your comfort isn’t compromised in any way. Not surprisingly, this balance additionally boosts the value of the entire property which could be the ace up your sleeve should you choose to sell in the future.

Take Advantage of the Location to the Fullest

As sustainability is at the very centre of the modular beach homes of today, you can expect your home to be in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Whatever the main characteristic of the property’s location may be, whether it’s the scenic views of the beach and ocean, or the impressive amount of sunlight, you can bet the modular design pros are going to make the most of it for you.

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You decide what you want to benefit from the most by choosing the way your home faces. This could be in the form of providing you with huge windows if your dream is to immerse in the incredible views; if you fear of your privacy being more exposed than you’d like there’s always the perfect window blind solution to back you up.

A terrace that goes all around the upper floor to enjoy the rest of the lush surroundings like mountains full of vegetation on the other side of the beach is the go-to choice if you’re after a unique 360° view experience. Perhaps you want to get straight to the nearby beach without passing through other beachgoers for the ultimate beachside retreat? This too can easily be achieved with a secret passage from your door directly to the beach.

You can get all this without fearing the unique climate and seaside conditions would affect your property’s lifespan. The modular beach house architecture professionals pay particular attention to the materials and features of Australian seaside homes to cut down the damage to your walls or floors from the combination of salt air, humidity, harsh UV rays, and high winds.

Experience True Comfort

When most of us think of comfort, mainly we perceive it from the furnishings point of view, when in fact it’s so much more than this. Indoor comfort is about having the healthiest indoor environment that doesn’t make you feel like wanting to leave – ever, even when the turquoise ocean is right across the door. The secret is in the passive design that’s at the forefront of the modular concept.

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No matter what time of the year it is, you can be sure of a well ventilated and insulated home thanks to the remarkable choice of functional and durable windows, doors, and systems that are all added in the equation to reduce your indoor air pollution (say goodbye to mould, bacteria overgrowths, and VOCs) and benefit your heating and cooling practices.

Make the Most of Customisation

Getting a seashore retreat of your own means the rest of the fam is going to be in on enjoying the beach lifestyle too. Fun as it may be to share the home with your closest family and friends, there may be times when you feel like being under the same roof makes things difficult as you all have different habits.

Thankfully, being nothing like the modular homes of the past that all looked the same, the modular beach house designs offer you a world of possibilities when it comes to customisation, so you get the flexibility you need to accommodate everyone in the same home even if you don’t always see eye to eye.

Yes, it’s possible to keep the peace in the house by getting the ideal balance of zoned living and accommodation spaces with a unique floorplan fit for the size of your family. Find the trustworthy professionals to make it happen for you!