How to properly clean your bathroom

Bathroom is one of the parts of a house that has a very high traffic. This is because you and other inhabitants in your house must visit the bathroom several times every day. So, it’s very important to have knowledge about how to clean it properly, including how to unblock shower drain and so on. Because that way, your bathroom will always look clean and be ready to use all the time. The following are some tips on how to properly clean your bathroom that you need to know.

Stock up on cleaning tools and products

The first and foremost thing you have to do if you want to properly clean your bathroom is to stock up on cleaning tools and products. This is because without the right cleaning tools and products, it will take forever to clean your bathroom. Some of the cleaning tools you need include microfiber cloths, toilet brush, scrub brush, rubber gloves, and so on. As for the cleaning products, you need at least disinfectant, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner.

Ventilate the bathroom

Bathroom is the part in a house that is most susceptible to water exposure, so it’s common for many parts of the bathroom to have high humidity. In such places, mould and mildew are easy to grow, and they are not good for your health. To lower the humidity in your bathroom, you can ventilate it by opening the windows and using an exhaust fan. That way, the air in the bathroom can circulate well and the humidity can be well maintained.

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Clean from top to bottom

Another tip you can use when cleaning a bathroom is to clean from top to bottom. This is very important to do to avoid having to work twice. It’s because if you work from the bottom first, then it will be dirty again due to the debris and dirt falling from the top when you clean the top. So, you have to start from cleaning lighting fixtures, vents, cabinets, and other places at top and then move to lower places such as mirrors and vanity units.

Clean the shower room thoroughly

One of the most important parts of a bathroom is the shower room and you have to clean it thoroughly when cleaning the bathroom. Usually, a shower room is separated from the other area of the bathroom using a shower glass partition. The shower glass partition is the part that you have to focus on the most. This is because mould and mildew are easy to grow there due to how frequently it is exposed to water. So, you have to clean it frequently using glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Also, don’t forget to unblock the shower drain if there’s any sign of it being clogged. Now you know how to properly clean your bathroom!