What Are The 6 Key Stages Of Construction Projects?

A construction project is an undertaking that requires a lot of planning and patience as building something from the ground up takes time. If you have even been driving around and you see a building being erected, have you ever wondered what goes into the planning of it all? Take a look below to find out what key steps must be taken to accomplish a construction project.


After making a deal with the future owner on a general concept of the construction project, it is time to start brainstorming. This is when the architect will come in and draw up detailed plans after hearing input from the investors. This process can take weeks if not months depending on the size of the project. Once blueprints are completed and there has been an agreement between the owner, the investors, the architect, and the builder, it is time to map out the area for the future construction project.

Acquiring Permits

Before any kind of construction can begin, the construction project team must submit all of their plans to the local city government for approval. This step is essential because a project can not go through until the right permits have been put in place. If you are choosing to build on historic land or are planning to knock down an old building in order to build a new one, this process may take even longer and you may get rejected, so it is good to have multiple backup plans for where to build.

Hiring A Crew

The most time-consuming part of a construction project is the actual building of the structure, so finding the right crew for the job is essential. The crew should include a contractor, stone masons, plumbers, welders, electrical engineers, and many more people under them to complete all of the tasks. You may also need to hire an interior designer depending on the needs of the client. For projects that last months or even years, your crew might change throughout the year depending on what projects are being done within the entire construction project. 

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When working on a large construction project, workers will be out in the elements for several hours at a time. If you plan on beginning a project in the wintertime or you know that the project will run until winter, make sure to rent industrial heaters in the planning process. This will keep all of the workers warm and will speed up construction time because warm workers work faster than cold workers. This is also a great way to retain a crew because they will see that the working conditions are good and their well-being is being considered.

Plotting Out A Space

Once you have established a plot of land, it is time to break ground and lay the foundation. This is a process that could take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the project and the quality of the land in which it is being built. After the foundation is laid, it is time to begin building the basic structure and frame from the outside in. 

Building and Installation

Building the frame of a building takes careful measurement and skill in order to create something that will last for years to come. This stage can be completed in many ways, but will most likely be run by the engineers, the welders, and the architect. If the structure is made of wood or brick, then the project will be run by carpenters or masonry contractors. 

After the outer frame is in place, it is time to install the plumbing, the electricity, and the airflow systems. This step requires a large crew of engineers and plumbers. The more crew that is hired, the faster this step will get done. A big part of this step of construction is repetition as the same systems are being installed on every floor, so if multiple crews are working on different floors, the task will be completed in a timely manner. 

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The last step of this stage of construction is installing drywall or any other type of material to create the interior walls of the building. Once that is done, the walls will be painted and interior designers will come in to lay out furniture, desks, and everything else that is needed to complete the project. 

Operations Testing

Before the newly constructed building can open for operations, the whole place must be inspected and tested for safety and functionality. Once that is completed and everything is running smoothly, the construction project is complete.

Construction projects are essential when it comes to growth and development in our modern world, so it is good to know exactly how they work and what is needed to accomplish them. The list above is a brief overview of the stages of a construction project, but there is so much more that goes into an undertaking this big.