Ways Of Choosing The Right Size Of Skirting Board For Your Home

It is a dream of every homeowner to make your space look beautiful. One way of enhancing the look of your home and adding its aesthetic value is by using skirting boards. Apart from that, these board help cancel the lower part of your wall by making them appear seamless. Skirting boards come in various carvings, sizes, and colours, which offers an opportunity to select one that matches the colour of your house. The carving you choose for your home will depend on the pattern that best suits your taste and preference. And the size, on the other hand, will depend on the area you want to be covered using your ideal skirting boards.

After understanding different features, it cannot be evident to make the final decision of your ideal boards with all factors put into place. However, you don’t need to worry as this article guides you on tips to have in mind when choosing the right skirting board to fix your sweet home.

Things to consider when selecting skirting boards

Room size

The room size plays a huge role when selecting the correct size for your ideal skirting board. With a large room, you must choose a wider skirting board to enhance the visual impact. If you want a board like the 9 inch Victorian skirting board, fix your room and make your ceilings appear higher. The correct size of your room’s skirting board will help create a beautiful home.


When selecting the size of your ideal board, budget should be an essential thing to consider. Different boards have various costs, so it is good to go for the one that best fits your budget. It is important to note that skimping on your board may lead you to have an ugly result.

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The function of your room

When buying a skirting board, the function of your room should be considered. For example, if a hall or entrance attracts high traffic, choosing to skirt is huge to reduce the damage caused by scuffs and knocks from shoes and bags. For rooms like living or bedroom, you may select boards that are more decorative and appealing to enhance the look of your house.

Decorating style

One of the reasons to use skirting for your home is to decorate it. Therefore, when choosing these boards, blend them well with your style. For instance, choose a simple, streamlined board for a modern or sleek design. But if you go for the traditional or the Victorian-themed homes, you should consider ornamentals boards like the 9 inch Victorian skirting board to get the best look. The thickness of your ideal board is essential, too, when it comes to decorating design. For temporal designs, a thin board will suit your style. However, going for a classy design, a thicker board will add impactful character to your home.


Selecting the right skirting board for your home will give it a polished look. Considering the size of your room, height, function, budget, and decorating style will offer you the best skirting board suitable for your house. While at it, know that an adequately selected skirting board will add value and beautify your home and, in turn, make it a significant investment in the long run.