How To Keep Your Tennessee Home’s Floors in Excellent Condition

Tennessee is home to a mild climate but with four distinct seasons. This means your home’s floors are subject to damage from rain, snow, mud, and dirt. Taking a few precautions and keeping up with routine cleanings can help protect your floors and keep them looking as good as new.

Follow Recommended Care Directions

With so many flooring designs and materials to choose from, there isn’t a universal care guide on how to best clean and protect your floors. In fact, using certain cleaning products on some flooring materials can actually damage them. This is why it’s so important to understand the recommended care directions for your flooring type and then follow them.

Sweep, Dust, or Vacuum Regularly

Whether you have carpet, hardwood floors, or tiles, it’s important to regularly sweep, dust, or vacuum them. Leaving dirt or debris on your floors can lead to scratches or compacted dirt in the carpeting. An automated vacuum can be especially helpful in removing dirt and other debris from your floors regularly.

Keep Up With Routine Professional Cleanings

Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps keep them in good working condition. Carpets absorb dirt, dust, and other debris. Water damage that soaks into carpets can also lead to mold. Untreated stains and spills can also give your carpets a bad odor. Routine cleanings get these things out of the carpet, making them cleaner and safer. Additionally, routine professional cleanings can make your carpets look newer for longer. Allowing a professional to clean your carpets ensures that you use the right products that not only get rid of debris but also don’t harm your floors.

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Professional carpet cleaners have a thorough process that often includes a pre-vacuum, spot stain treatment, hot water extraction, application of carpet solutions, and then a post-cleaning inspection. The post-cleaning inspection is an important part of the professional cleaning process because it ensures that your floors aren’t left with any odd smells or damp parts. You have a lot of options available for carpet cleaning in College Grove, TN. Make sure you choose a company that uses the latest cleaning techniques to ensure your floors are left in excellent condition afterward.

Wipe Up Spills Quickly

Help protect your floors by wiping up spills quickly. Left sitting, spills can soak into your hardwood floors and cause them to warp. Spills can also lead to deep-set stains that are difficult to get rid of in your carpets. Keeping cleaning products near each room can make it easier to deal with spills, especially if you have small children or pets.

Use Floor Protectors in High Traffic Areas

The parts of your floors that get the most traffic will wear out the fastest. Placing floor protectors over top of these areas can help your floors wear more evenly. Use carpet protectors at each door entrance. Place rugs underneath furniture or in highly populated areas in your home to also protect your hardwood floors. Make sure you also fully cover your carpets when painting or completing other renovation projects in the homes.

Implement a No-Shoe Policy

Shoes track dirt, dust, debris, and contaminants indoors. You can limit how much gets caked into your carpets or on your hardwood floors with a no-shoe policy. Place a shoe rack at your front entrance to encourage family members to remove their shoes as they enter. Invite guests to do the same. 

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You could also supply each family member with a pair of slippers that they leave at the front door when taking off their shoes. If you welcome many guests, you might keep a box of shoe protectors at the front door. Implementing a no-shoe policy in your home not only keeps your floors in better condition but also makes your home healthier. Investing in a good carpet cleaner for use at home can also help you quickly clean up debris leftover from shoes.

Use a Carpet Protector

Applying a carpet protector to your home’s carpets can also help them last longer. Some carpets come with a built-in protectant, but even if yours don’t, you can always add it later. However, while a carpet protector is important, it’s also necessary to consider the safety of your children or pets. You don’t want to choose harsh products that stick to the carpets. This is another excellent reason to contact a professional when maintaining your floors, whether for cleaning or protecting them.

Taking steps now to protect your floors can help them last longer. In the meantime, you get to enjoy fresh, clean floors with minimal maintenance and upkeep. Strategies like scheduling routine professional carpet cleanings and wiping up spills promptly can ensure that your floors continue looking brand new for longer. Asking guests to remove shoes can also avoid outdoor allergens and contaminants that affect the quality of your flooring.