Saturno Silver: Bring Out the Uniqueness in Gifting

Good things come in small packages. This old saying can be perfectly understood if we use figurines as examples. The particular attention to detail on a very small scale is what makes these items so exceptionally beautiful and valuable. The smaller the item, the more exceptional it is. 

And if you happen to browse through the gorgeous collections of intricate designs from brands like the outstanding Saturno, the beauty and value go even higher with the fine craftsmanship and superb choice of materials.

What Is Saturno Silver?

It’s a company based in Italy, also known as Saturno Argenti (Argento meaning silver in Italian), famous for making their name synonymous with unique silver miniatures. On the market since 1973, they’ve captured the hearts of many throughout the world with their distinctive Saturno silver animals and ornaments, which are simply the perfect timeless gifts for a loved one or yourself.

Differing in sizes, you can find them in small, medium, and large versions, each of which comes with the brand’s signature detailing and enamel. Besides these figurines, wonderfully arranged in categories like the fun and collection-worthy cats and dogs, farm animals, aquatic animals, wild animals from the UK version, wild animals from the rest of the world, birds, insects, and flowers, the company also caters to the taste of anyone looking for a chic pendant, bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings, cufflinks, or keyring.

Come across a trusted online retailer of Saturno silver animals and accessories in the UK, and you can easily browse through the incredible men’s and women’s collections from the brand at the most competitive prices. Priding themselves on their tried and tested three-ingredient recipe (inspiration, handicraft, and expertise), this Italian miniature specialist company delivers on their promise of providing you with classic and iconic items of lasting value.

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Why Treat Yourself or a Loved One to a Saturno Ornament?

The fact they’re pros at creating extraordinary Saturno silver enamel animals and items that exude colour and detail is part of the reason why you should, but there’s plenty more if you could do with a little more convincing.

The Uniqueness

You don’t have to be a cat lady to appreciate the love and care the designers have invested in creating fun cat-inspired figurines that look impressively realistic. And there are so many, you can create your own collection of Saturno cats of every breed and motif you can imagine. The beauty of it is this uniqueness that comes from the handcrafting and design quality isn’t only reserved for the cat pieces, as any of the rest of the animals and magical creations of the brand are just as precious.

If you’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who excels at gift-giving, but never found the gift that would create that “wow” factor you’re after, this is it. The best thing about the shopping experience is you can easily find the perfect spirit animal for your giftee and be sure you’ve outdone yourself, regardless of what the occasion may be. Birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, holiday festivities, and milestones would become all the more special with these unique gifts!

The Collectable Potential

There’s a certain pleasure resulting from collecting, and making up your own collection of miniatures is no exception; especially if it’s the case with making your own set of Saturno figurines from the vast range of more than 700 options. Having this number in mind, you can rest assured this would easily turn into a hobby or a passion you could be doing for years with so many items and designs to choose from. And, you won’t ever have to worry about the value of this collection you’re building going down because of the following reasons.

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The Outstanding Quality

The choice of material, which is silver, isn’t the only factor that adds to the quality Saturno is famous for. In addition to the silver hallmarks indicating this quality (e.g. sterling, assay office, fineness mark, and year of assay), you can have peace of mind regarding the lasting value thanks to the intricate process the company employs each time they create a piece.

First, there’s the drawing and creating of the model, followed by the creation of the wax model that gets the exact detailing the final product would get. Along with these two steps of the meticulous handicraft process, there’s also the creation of the silver prototype based on the wax model with a lost-wax technique.

This then leads to the silver work, consisting of melting, assembling, crafting, and cleaning. The polishing and quality checks are part of the deal too, as is the company’s signature enamelling. This is a process that includes the hand painting to add the first layer of paint, and the additional five to fifteen layers of colour for detailing, to provide nuances that give the items vividness.

Then we have the refinement, cleaning, and polishing as the finishing touches. After the enamelling, they’re then glazed and baked at high temperatures – a process that helps bring out the vividness of the colours.

All of this happens in Italy, so you get a Saturno silver product that’s 100% of Italian craftsmanship. And, saving the best part for last, this is the type of product that won’t require much maintenance.

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All you’re expected to do is occasionally rinse under lukewarm water using a gentle dish soap and wipe up with a non-abrasive cloth. This wouldn’t have been possible without that final touch of lacquer finish that prevents the items from becoming tarnished whether it’s from the occasional dust and dirt, or the chemicals. Even the harsh UV rays are no match for the quality of these products, but to be on the safe side, it’s recommended to keep the Saturno silver animals and other valuables away from direct sunlight.

The Forever Bond

Caring as much about their designs as the people they design them for, the company offers a life-long service of maintenance on all of their Saturno products should they ever require some freshening up. This could be from the passing of time, as they may show some signs of age eventually if exposed to heat, light, or chemicals.

So, if you’re planning on creating a collection you could pass down to other generations as the family heirloom, rest assured the company has your back with bringing the ornaments’ original sparkle back with their trustworthy maintenance service. Talk about the value that keeps on increasing!