Styling Ideas for Your Rattan Dining Room Set

Rattan, with its timeless appeal and versatile nature, has been a beloved material in home interiors for years. Originating from the flexible and sturdy vines of the tropical palm tree, rattan brings an exotic, natural touch to indoor spaces. A rattan dining set, in particular, becomes the focal point of any dining room with its distinct appearance. However, styling it appropriately is the key to ensuring it not only stands out but also blends harmoniously with the surrounding decor. Let’s delve into some compelling styling ideas that will enhance and elevate the presence of your rattan dining set in your dining room.

The Bohemian Charm

The boho-chic style is synonymous with layers, patterns, textures, and a touch of whimsy. Rattan, being a natural material, effortlessly lends itself to this aesthetic. Start by incorporating colorful, patterned cushions and seat covers for your rattan dining chairs. Choose designs that blend well with the natural, earthy tones of rattan. An eclectic mix of soft furnishings in varying patterns and colors will enhance the bohemian vibe.

For the table setting, opt for ceramic or clay dishes and bowls, complemented by brass or copper cutlery. A centerpiece made of a mix of wildflowers, dried pampas grass, and feathers in a terracotta vase can accentuate the bohemian theme. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider hanging a macramé or beaded chandelier above the dining table. This blend of varied materials and hues will evoke a sense of wanderlust and freedom, resonating with the very essence of the boho style.

Elegant Coastal Retreat

Rattan’s origins in tropical regions make it a prime choice for a coastal-themed dining room. By pairing the rattan set with colors like whites, light blues, and sandy beiges, you can invoke a seaside ambiance. White or pastel-colored walls provide the perfect backdrop for this theme.

Textiles play a major role here as well. Consider draping your dining chairs with soft, sheer fabrics, perhaps even with a touch of blue or turquoise. These tones will evoke the feeling of waves crashing on the shore. A centerpiece made of seashells, driftwood, or a bowl of water with floating candles can be the perfect touch for the dining table. Lighting can be in the form of lanterns, perhaps with a touch of brass or gold, illuminating the space with a soft, warm glow reminiscent of sunsets on the beach.

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Modern Minimalist


Contrary to popular belief, rattan can also be styled in a modern and minimalist fashion. Start by keeping the color palette neutral; think of shades of gray, beige, and white. The focus should be on clean lines and decluttered spaces. While rattan brings texture and warmth, the surrounding elements should be more restrained.

Opt for plain, solid-colored chair cushions, preferably in neutral tones. The table settings can be of clear glass or simple white porcelain, with sleek stainless steel cutlery. A single vase with a few tall, slender stems or a solitary leaf can act as the centerpiece. Lighting should be understated; a single pendant light with a geometric design would be perfect. By toning down the additional elements and letting the rattan set take center stage, you achieve a serene and sophisticated setting.

Rustic Countryside

Rattan can take you on a journey to a rustic countryside setting if styled correctly. Envision a cozy cottage with exposed wooden beams and a fireplace crackling in the background. The walls can be painted in warm earthy tones or even have wooden paneling.

For this theme, add cushions or seat covers in gingham or plaid patterns. Table settings can be of rustic earthenware, accompanied by wooden or wrought iron cutlery. A basket filled with fresh fruits or wildflowers can serve as the ideal centerpiece. Consider adding a braided or woven rug under the dining set. For lighting, an iron chandelier or pendant lights with Edison bulbs can bring a touch of rustic nostalgia.

Classic Colonial Elegance


Drawing from the time-honored aesthetic of colonial-era homes, rattan can also be incorporated into a setting that oozes ageless grace. The dark woods, soft whites, and deep greens characteristic of this style offer a charming contrast to the natural beige and browns of a rattan dining set. Opt for rich, dark wooden floors, preferably with a polished finish, to lay the foundation of this theme.

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Wall colors can be muted tones of taupe, olive, or even a soft cream. Complement the rattan chairs with deep green or off-white cushions, perhaps in materials like velvet for an added touch of luxury. The table setting can comprise classic white china, crystal glassware, and silver cutlery. Oversized, framed paintings or prints of botanical drawings can accentuate the walls, and a large ornate mirror can add depth and luxury to the dining space. To enhance the colonial atmosphere, consider adding floor-standing candelabras or lanterns with tall white candles.

Contemporary Chic

The beauty of rattan lies not just in its adaptability to classic styles, but also in its suitability for contemporary settings. In a modern dining room, think monochrome with pops of bold colors. A black and white palette, with clean lines and less ornamentation, provides the ideal backdrop.

Choose monochrome cushions for the rattan chairs, but consider adding a bold throw pillow in colors like electric blue or deep magenta. The table can be set with modern matte black or white dishes and minimalist cutlery designs. Artwork on the walls should be abstract and bold, maybe with large brushstrokes or modern geometric patterns. For lighting, think of sleek, linear suspended lights or even a bold statement chandelier in black or metallic finishes. The juxtaposition of the natural rattan against the contemporary elements creates an eye-catching contrast.

Vintage Victorian

Rattan can also be transported back in time to the Victorian era, with its intricate designs, lavish textiles, and rich color palettes. Wallpaper with damask or floral prints in muted golds, purples, or burgundies will set the tone for this theme.

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The chairs of the rattan set can be adorned with cushions in velvet or brocade with tassels or lace trims. Opt for ornate table settings with floral motifs, complemented by gold or silver-plated cutlery. The centerpiece can be a vintage Victorian vase filled with roses or peonies. Antique wall sconces, candelabras, and ornate carpets can complete the look. Every element should transport one back to the grandeur of the Victorian age.

Harmonizing with Nature

The final look you might consider is a seamless blend with nature. This approach celebrates the natural essence of rattan. Large windows that allow ample sunlight, or even a view of a garden or greenery, will enhance the connection to nature. Incorporate indoor plants or even a vertical garden in the dining space. Stick to natural fabrics like cotton or linen for the chair cushions, and go for simple, unadorned table settings. The idea is to feel as though you’re dining amidst nature, so let the outdoors play a significant role in this theme.

A Rattan Reflection

Regardless of the theme you choose, a rattan dining set is versatile enough to fit various aesthetics. The key is to style complementary elements thoughtfully. Whether you’re yearning for a bohemian escape, a coastal haven, a modern minimalist space, a trip to the rustic countryside, or a communion with nature, rattan proves to be the perfect companion. Embrace its natural charm, and it will transform your dining room into a reflection of your chosen inspiration.