How to Find the Perfect BBQ for Your Patio

Late summer and early fall are the perfect times to be outdoors. The temperature has cooled down but is still warm enough to stay outside for long periods of time, making it the peak season for hosting meals and barbecues in your backyard. That means you’ll need a grill that works well and meets all of your most carnivorous needs, and you’ll need to start thinking about which grill is right for you. Making the right choice involves many factors and can quickly become overwhelming.

Gas or Charcoal grill

The first factor to consider is whether you will choose a gas or charcoal grill. Most people agree that food cooked on a charcoal stove tastes better, but charcoal grilling takes longer than grilling on a gas stove. If you plan to bake a lot on a weeknight, a gas grill may be a better choice, as it saves more time. On the other hand, if you want to spend a quiet weekend barbecuing with friends and family, a charcoal barbecue could very well suit your needs.

Other less common options are electric or wood-fired grills. Electric ovens are popular with apartment dwellers due to the lack of outdoor space and strict safety regulations. Wood-burning ovens are arguably the most traditional method of cooking over an open fire, but their use and maintenance are more labor-intensive than gas or charcoal grills, so they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years. The bottom line is that if you’re already a barbecue enthusiast, then a charcoal grill might be the best option. If you’re just starting out, a gas grill is a much safer option.

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Size of the grill 

Once you’ve decided which fuel is right for you, think about the size of grill you’ll need. Most small to medium-sized charcoal grills and two-burner gas grills will work well if you’re cooking for four or fewer people occasionally. Grids are usually measured in square inches. Ovens ranging from 400 to 500 square inches are large enough for most people. There are a lot of options that you can look at, like reliable Weber products that will suit you most; you can choose a BBQ for your outdoor entertainment area, beefeater BBQ, and outdoor kitchens. They even have a wide range of cooking accessories and products. If you’re the center of a neighborhood barbecue or have a large fire pit, consider a larger model with four, five, or even more burners. If you’re determined to use a gas grill but also want to cook meats like whole chicken or ribs with indirect heat, you’ll need at least a three-burner model.

How much it costs

Barbecue can get very expensive very quickly. There are an almost unlimited number of features and add-ons that you can subscribe to when purchasing a grill. Low-end grills will sell for under $100, but gas grills can easily cost $5,000, and even charcoal grills, although they tend to be much simpler, can sell for more than $1,000.

Many smoking experts do not recommend fitting a smoker box to your grill. Consider buying a separate smoker and barbecue if you’re interested in both. This is an expensive addition that many people don’t find necessary to their grill. You can buy a better quality stand-alone smoker for less than what you can find as an addition to your grill.

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Other features to look for

Popular upgrades include rotary burners, which are great if you’re cooking a lot of whole poultry or large roasts over a fire, ceramic burners for grilling, or backlit controls for cooking at night. Other possible safety features include alarms that will alert you if your food starts to burn. Most people consider the built-in thermostat a must-have feature, especially for new grills. It can help you learn how to cook meat to the right temperature without cooking or burning. Another must-have is a sturdy set of shelves on the side of your grill. Having a stable place to put plates, tongs, and seasonings will make your life much easier.

Also, consider investing in a grill cover if your outdoor kitchen isn’t covered yet. An oven can be a pretty expensive investment, so you’ll want to protect it so it lasts as long as possible.

If you’re not sure how much you’re actually going to bake or what features you really need, start with a low-end grill. As you gain more barbecue experience in your outdoor kitchen, you’ll start to discover which features you really need and which you don’t even miss. At this point, you can invest in a better quality grill that can last for many years. So, think well about all these things mentioned above and make clever decisions. Good luck with the shopping!