4 Ways to Upgrade Your Room to Make It Cosy

If you have saved up a small sum to upgrade your room to make it look cosy but are confused about where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are four interesting ways you can consider to kick-start upgrading your room to make it look cosy. 

Incorporate Touches of Wood

Adding wood is one great way to incorporate warmth into your room, even if your room may be small or large. Depending on your budget, you can go simple as a board cladding or high-end like oak panelling, whichever is pocket-friendly. 

If your budget still can’t afford wood, you can just make use of brilliant wood wallpapers. You can also consider adding wood furnishing or accents to incorporate the warmth of wood and related cosiness into your room but don’t overdo it. 

Create a cosy ambience with lighting

We all know the right lighting goes a long way in making a cosy room, but this cannot be done just with any kind of light.

Especially, there is nothing worse than harsh light that brightens up everything in your room and shines on you while you’re in bed. So, try to concentrate on low light and consider adding various sources of lighting into your room. For example, soft lamps at your bedside and strategically mounted ceiling lights can be good choices.

However, the best source of light is indeed natural light, so during the daytime, make sure you let your windows open and embrace daylight to create naturally cosy lighting in your room. 

Choose calming or neutral colours, textures, and materials 

Choosing the right colours and textures not just makes a theme for your room but also adds up to how cosy your room looks. Talking about a cosy upgrade, bright colours and bold graphics or textures is a no. focus on small intimate patterns and textures that work together with neutral colours to create a rich yet cosy look. 

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To help you out, try adding comfy knits, faux-fur throws, and quilted throw pillows in neutral tones. If your room is large you can also layer these soft textured objects to create a more welcoming feel. 

Play around with leather accents 

Leather accents add warmth to any space. Starting from a leather bed frame to even replacing your classic sofas or cushions with luxury bean bags made out of leather, it can make your room not just cosy but also more aesthetic.

You can go a little extra mile (of course if your budget agrees) to match your bed frame with side chairs. This will make your room look cosy and complete as a whole. If you have a leather sofa already, try adding more warmth by throwing a few throw pillows and a blanket. However, make sure the pillows or blankets follow the colour scheme you incorporate into your room. 

These 4 upgrades to your room can not only make your room look cosy but also adds some stylish urban vibes to your room all together.