Home Design Ideas for Travelers Who Love to Cook

Food and travel go hand-in-hand. Part of the joy and excitement of traveling the world is discovering new cultures, cuisines, and ingredients, as well as bringing the flavors of your adventures back home.

For travel enthusiasts who love to cook, recreating the flavors, smells, and dishes of your adventures in your kitchen at home is a great way to make your travels even more memorable. But in order to really keep your adventures going through the medium of food, you need a kitchen designed to match.

So whether you came home from an unforgettable cruise from Miami to the Caribbean with a taste for jerk chicken or you learned the secrets of making pad thai just right in Bangkok, here are a few ideas of how you can tweak your home design to make cooking your travel memories even more exciting.

An Open Kitchen Concept

Part of the joy of finding culinary inspiration from your travels is sharing the flavors and dishes of your trip with your friends back home. An open-plan kitchen is the most convivial, social way to prepare food, and is just like giving your inner chef a stage. You can take care of dinner while chatting to friends, as well as explaining to them exactly what you are doing and what ingredients you are using. This makes preparing meals a more social affair and lets you present your travel experiences via the medium of food more effectively

A Travel-Themed Backsplash

Interior decor in your kitchen can conjure up an ambiance of exoticism and adventure, and one of the best ways to do this is with a travel-themed backsplash. You could create something elegant and sophisticated using ceramic tiles from your last destination, or add a touch of nostalgia with a map of the best places you’ve visited or food-related designs from your favorite vacations. It’s a lovely way to add a little dash of personality to your kitchen as well as being an excellent conversation starter with guests.

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A Well-Organized Spice Rack

Traveling with a focus on food inevitably brings you into contact with a huge array of new herbs, spices, and condiments. These are key to replicating the flavors you loved on your travels, and luckily are usually some of the easiest culinary items to transport! If you want to cook your favorite vacation dishes at home, a fully equipped and well-organized spice rack filled with the exotic seasonings you found around the world is vital.

A World Map Pinboard

A world map pinboard is a charming way to keep track of your travel experiences, and adding an extra level for food discoveries is a delightful extra touch. Use pins to mark places you’ve been and connect them to recipes you’ve learned and dishes you’ve eaten. It’s a great way to collate your experiences and remind yourself where you still want to go!

Recipe Bookshelf

Adding a special bookshelf for books and recipes you’ve collected on your travels is an important part of building your perfect kitchen. Whether you buy recipe books or write down your favorite dishes in a food travel journal, your collection of travel recipes is a practical tool and a source of inspiration all at once, and a great way to relive your travel experiences through food.

With a few additional home design ideas, you can incorporate your travel cooking experiences into your home kitchen and enhance your culinary adventures back home. These tips will help you keep your foodie adventures fresh in your mind and replicate the best flavors of your vacations whenever the mood takes you.