The Impact of Good Customer Service on Your Furniture-Buying Experience

Furniture is a major purchase that requires a lot of time and attention. For a furniture seller, it is critical to have a marketing strategy that makes shoppers think of their brand when they are ready to redecorate or upgrade their homes.

Convenient Returns

Online furniture retailers have a competitive advantage in providing convenient returns that eliminate the hassle of transporting heavy items back to physical stores. The top furniture dealers offer this service, known as white-glove delivery, to provide customers with a seamless experience and avoid the risk of damaging the products they buy. As online shopping grows in popularity, furniture retailers recognize the importance of creating a positive Joybird customer service that will help them increase sales. They can build customer trust by providing excellent product visuals and convenient returns. One way to connect better with potential customers is to offer 3D and augmented reality technology. This allows customers to see what a new table or sofa will look like in their home before they purchase it. Similarly, some retailers offer in-home delivery and installation services, which can reduce consumers’ perceived risks associated with e-commerce. By reducing the risks associated with e-commerce, retailers can increase the number of repeat buyers and their average order value.

Fast Service

For furniture shoppers, it’s essential to have the opportunity to reach out and connect with a live person quickly when they need help. In addition, customers should be able to resolve issues without having to wait on hold for long periods. Great salespeople know their shoppers’ names, greet them with a smile, and make sure to follow up after each interaction. They also understand that most shoppers are not furniture-buying experts, and they offer solutions to every problem they encounter. In addition, savvy furniture dealers set themselves apart with instant online and mobile credit approvals via online checkout, a robust in-store kiosk experience, and partnerships with leading prime and second-look financing providers. These partnerships allow savvy dealers to transition approved consumers into instant approvals with just one click during the online checkout. This helps reduce the perceived risk of buying online and increases conversion rates. Combined with a fully-fledged point-of-sale system, these services allow furniture specialists to keep customers happy and loyal. Thus, positive Joybird reviews are attained.

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Easy Payment Options

Buying furniture can be expensive, and many people finance their purchases. This can help them save money and avoid paying interest. 

Some furniture companies offer credit cards with 0% interest for one or more years, which can be an excellent option for buyers who don’t want to pay interest. Other furniture companies offer “buy now, pay later” plans, where buyers pay a small amount up front and then continue making monthly payments. These types of payments are becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry. Many brands and furniture retailers offer flexible payment options to encourage customers to buy more. They also deploy automated, omnichannel, and paperless checkouts to make their customers’ purchasing process seamless.