The Dos and Don’ts of Having Rugs in The Kitchen

The kitchen is where all the hustle and bustle take place. It is a constantly busy place however much you try to keep it clean and tidy there always seems to be a mess somewhere. It is also the one place in the house that is prone to wear and tear whether it is cooking utensils, the walls and even the floor.

Maintaining a kitchen is not easy but there are accessories you can add that make it look presentable and pleasant, a rug is one of them. However, there can be pros and cons to whether it is the best idea. But we have come up with a couple of quick fixes and advantages to ensuring that maintaining a rug is not too much of a task.

An ideal way to cover stains

Kitchen floors are prone to get stained over time especially if is a light-coloured tile or covering. Mud, oil and grease can make marks on the floor that a tough to remove. This is where a rug becomes ideal, they are the perfect way to cover up stains and floor marks that are impossible to get rid of.

It is a quick fix that comes with a few questions though, what if the rug gets stained? washable rugs are the answer to your problems. The material is tough meaning it will retain its texture after the wash. It is easy to manage and ensures a stain-free surface.

Adds aesthetic

Having a rug in your pantry ties up the entire space. It not only looks neat but also adds aesthetic to the floor. It can be put under a table or near the doors or entranceways. Get a rug that matches the colours of the pantry or kitchen. It can be of different shapes and sizes. Having a self-colours rug can make a kitchen look pristine and organized however a varied pattern can add some flair and edge to your space.

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Adds colour

A rug regardless of the size will always add colour or a different dynamic. It becomes the centre of attention, as it is probably the first thing you notice. If your kitchen is starting to look a little old or drab adding a kitchen rug under the main table or even at the entrance can add some colour to the space. You might want to use one that fits the space so that you do not trip over the edges. A bold colour or dark colour is always ideal as this tends to hide dust or even stains better than a light-coloured rug.

Prone to slipping

Another major concern about having a rug in a place that is used so much is that it can be slippery. Hence why slip-proof rugs were invented. Made with a rough base that grips the floor, slip-proof rugs and mats are the solutions to this problem. Be sure to test them prior to purchasing as some of them wear out over time. Slip-proof rugs are now extremely easy to find and come in different shapes and colours.