How to Decorate Unique Nursery Room

Your newborn is on the way and it is rational that you want to provide them with a safe space for growing up. That is exactly why many parents invest great efforts into creating a unique and safe nursery room for their baby. If you would like to do the same, but don’t know where to start, here are some amazing tips for decorating a unique nursery room.

Be Creative with Paint

Paint is your best ally in any room decoration. And for nursery rooms, you can do wonders with paint. First start with choosing a neutral base for all the walls. It can be white or off-white shades, such as beige and other neutral natural tones. Once the base it’s done, it’s time to get creative. If you have the skills, you can paint some soothing mountain tops in darker green shades and surround them with a few fluffy clouds. Another idea is to paint all your favorite animals and create a fun accent wall that your baby will enjoy growing up. There are no limits here and you can let your creativity loose and really have some fun painting the walls.

Decorate with Wall Art

If you don’t want to paint stuff on every wall, then consider decorating those walls with some art. This can also be anything! If you have an older kid, they can paint some welcome drawings for their new baby brother and sister, and frame them. Another idea is finding a soothing and minimalist nursery art poster that will speak your love for the child while providing a pop of color to the room. The possibilities are endless here, too, and you can decorate the walls however you see fit. Just think outside of the box or incorporate things that are personal to you and your family.

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Nursery Room

Include Plenty of Book Storage

Just imagine those cozy nights, cuddled up with your kid reading a bedtime story. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You’ve probably already gotten some books for your new baby, and now you need space to store them. That’s why you should consider plenty of storage for the books and other knick knacks you plan on keeping there. If the space allows you, you can fill that corner of the room with a minimalist bookshelf. Another idea is setting up shelves wherever you find fit and filling them with all those fun books that you are going to read together.

Add More Storage

When the baby comes, you won’t have plenty of time to keep the chaos out of your home. That is why you should consider adding storage space wherever possible. The changing table in the nursery could also have some drawers and cabinets so you can store baby’s clothes and diapers in there. Additionally, consider decorative storage baskets where you can keep all the toys and slide them under the bed to allow for enough space on the floors. Storage is going to be your best friend, so browse the stores for those decorative and functional pieces to add to the nursery.

Nursery Room

Sweet, Sweet Accessories

You certainly shouldn’t forget to have fun with accessories. There are many quality and cute baby accessories for the bedroom, you just have to pick your favorites. You can pick a unique mobile for the crib and even decorate the crib with fun and colorful linen. Also, you can experiment and have fun with wardrobe handles and find ones that will be fun for your kid, too. Curtains, too, can be fun and colorful or even pick a theme for the nursery and tie the look with similar curtains. There are no limits, and there are truly amazing accessories that you can find online, including coat hooks, mirrors and door stops.

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The nursery you are decorating is going to be the safest space for your kid. This is where they will grow up, play and later study. So, make sure that this room is personal to them from the very beginning. Be creative with paint and wall art, add plenty of storage, and complete the nursery room look with those little pieces of decor that are going to transform this room from plain to fun.