How To Cook With Ease When You Can’t Move Around A Lot

Are you someone who loves to cook, but have recently suffered an injury that prevents you from moving around a lot? If tiring yourself is not an option anymore, it can feel like your days of making delicious culinary creations are long gone. However, this is not the case. Below we have mentioned a few ways in which you can still indulge in the pleasures of cooking while making sure not to move around a great deal.

Consider Reducing The Kitchen Space Of Your Home

We understand entirely that having a large, spacious kitchen in which multiple people can cook can be pretty tempting. After all, that is the dream kitchen of almost anyone who loves to cook. However, if your current special circumstance is restrictive, then chances are that you might not be able to use all such space, and in fact, this large space can actually be a hindrance to your cooking. Instead, consider narrowing down the space of your kitchen so it’s the cooking area is quainter and almost cottage kitchen-like. If your situation is only temporary, and so you don’t really want to reduce the size of your kitchen, then you can also consider setting up a little kitchenette, with all that is important to your cooking installed there. Of course, if by temporary you mean a short-term injury that will heal within a few weeks, this move is entirely unnecessary, and not worth the costs.

Arrange Your Things Into Zones

Arranging your kitchen according to zones is one of the most brilliant plans that people have come up with. This method is particularly used to help homeowners with tiny kitchens feel like they have a more spacious kitchen. Fortunately, this is also a brilliant idea when it comes to cooking without moving around a lot. Divide your kitchen into prep zones, cooking zones and cleaning zones. Make sure all your appliances related to these tasks are placed within these zones. For example, chopped shakers and blenders are always a great idea to place around your prep zone, preferably close to a multi-plug wall socket.

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Make Your Appliances More Accessible

Most people make the mistake of placing their appliances out of reach, even when those items are oft used. Take the fridge for example. Do you have just one fridge for your home? if so, then without a doubt you must be walking often between the prep area and your pantry kitchen, just to get your ingredients from the fridge. Instead, consider having two fridges; one for the finished goodies, ice water and other delicacies, and a smaller fridge for the kitchen. Use an under-counter fridge for this purpose, so that you need not travel far from your counter to grab your ingredients when prepping.

Avoid Multi-Step Recipes

As much as the zone idea and appliances at hand’s reach idea would work out, it also makes a difference if the recipes that you cook will help you out here. For example, if your recipe is going to be making you run around the whole kitchen through its multiple steps, chances are that despite all your efforts, you are still going to be tired and winded. To avoid this, try your best to keep things simple; focusing on the ingredients and taste combinations rather than the skill.