What You Need to Consider When Choosing an Adjustable DC Power Supplies

What’s great about adjustable DC power supplies is that they have so many different uses. It is this versatility, nonetheless, that can also make it a bit difficult to determine which product is right for you. Considering just how many options are out there, this can become an even more trying task.

Well, if you want to be able to select the best benchtop power supplies for your task or facilities, then you need to be aware of certain factors and details. So, without further ado, here are the most important points to understand, when choosing adjustable DC power supplies:

Factoring in the Output and Power Performance

Now, there is a good chance that you have a specific use for your DC power supplies. So, you should examine how much power is required for the device and its function. You will also have to think about whether maximum power is required at one specific point or if it must be supplied at different voltage and current configurations. Then, it is a matter of the range of power that you would like for your applications.

As you can imagine, if you are working with a number of different devices, then you will also need to have a greater number of outputs as well. At this point, you may be faced with the decision of getting either a lower or higher power model. To answer this, you should think of your future projects. If you will be moving onto devices or functions that require more power later on, then it makes more sense to get a higher-power model.  

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Understanding Guaranteed vs. Typical Specifications

Many people simply assume that the numbers on the data sheet for the power supplies are the guaranteed specifications. This, however, isn’t true as they are two types of specifications that you need to consider – guaranteed and typical specifications. The reason that this is important to know is that it can provide you with a better understanding of just how the DC power supplies are measuring various devices.

Now, typical specifications actually refer to the average value of a product’s capability. On the other hand, the guaranteed specification is the value that has been provided by taking a number of different factors into consideration and also running an error analysis. So, while it is fine for the power supply to register values between or above the typical specifications, it shouldn’t exceed the guaranteed specification.

The Importance of Safety

The reason that safety is quite so significant when considering a particular DC power supply is that not only does it have to protect itself it also has to safeguard the devices connected to it as well. So, look for products that will limit the voltage or current to a pre-set level. Or, opt for one where the supply will automatically shut down during overvoltage or overcurrent. The newer models have even more sophisticated safety precautions and, depending on your requirements, may be suitable for you.

These are the main points to consider when choosing an adjustable DC power supply. You will then be able to make a better decision about the kind of product that you need.