Your Guide to Choosing the Right AC System

When you move to a new home, you want it to be comfortable for you and the whole family. You want it to be a haven that you all would look forward to returning to after a long day. Even if we spend most of our time outdoors because of work and or studies, we still spend a lot of downtime and weekends in our home, so we want a warm home during winter and of course, a cool home to provide relief during humid and hot weather.

Shopping and investing in an AC system is a big investment and is a thinker because we have to consider several factors before we just go ahead and purchase the first one that was offered to us.

The size of the room

Are you buying an AC unit for your whole home or just for one room? The size of the room is the major consideration of the size of the AC unit or system. Say, you just recently purchased a studio unit. The AC system that you would have installed must be enough to keep the whole unit cool. Or if you are purchasing for a bedroom, you could opt for a window AC or any smaller AC unit since it would be enough to keep one room cool.

If you will be buying more than one unit and you need various makes and models, look for suppliers that advertise different systems and units so you would not have to go to different stores. The air conditioning suppliers would have more than enough AC units and systems to provide you with what you need.

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The type of the AC unit

There are various types of AC units and some types are better suited depending on the size of the room as well. A split air conditioner is a wall-mounted unit, easy to install, energy efficient, and even has cooling and heating functions. The thermostat is also easy to adjust. This is the most common AC system that could be found in most homes.

Another type is the central air conditioning system which is becoming more popular lately because of its efficiency. The only disadvantage is the upfront cost of installing it since the ducts would need to be installed inside the walls which would take time. There is also a portable AC unit that is perfect for those who are renting or constantly moving since they are easy to move and do not need installation.


You would be using your AC system a lot especially if it has heating functions which means you would still be using it during colder seasons. With this, you would want it to be always functioning at its best. So, purchasing an AC system that is easy to maintain should also be a consideration when choosing an AC system.

Another consideration is if the system or unit is energy efficient and the thermostat is programmable, then you would not have to worry about your utility bill since you are more in control of how long you would want the unit or the system to be running.