Correct Answer: Field.

The correct term for an open area free of woods and buildings is a “field.”

A field is an expanse of open land typically used for agriculture, grazing, or other purposes. Unlike a forest, which is densely populated with trees, and unlike an urban area with buildings and structures, a field is characterized by its openness and lack of significant vegetation or constructed structures.


1. Agricultural Fields:

Agricultural fields are areas of land used for growing crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, etc. Farmers clear these areas of trees and other obstacles to create open spaces that receive ample sunlight for the crops to grow.

2. Grasslands or Meadows:

Natural fields, often referred to as grasslands or meadows, can occur in various landscapes. These areas are characterized by the predominance of grasses and other low-lying vegetation, with few or no trees.

3. Pasture or Grazing Fields:

Fields can also be used as grazing land for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, or horses. These areas are typically kept clear of dense vegetation to provide ample grazing space for the animals.

4. Recreational Fields:

In urban areas or parks, fields may be intentionally created as open spaces for recreational activities like sports, picnics, or gatherings.

Fields play an essential role in supporting agriculture, providing habitats for certain plant and animal species, and offering recreational opportunities. The open nature of fields makes them ideal for various human activities and allows for easier cultivation and movement compared to densely wooded or built-up areas.