Types Of Paint Finishes for Your Home Renovation

You might be ready to go to the paint store now that you’ve decided on a fresh paint color or palette for your home renovation project. But before you do that, there’s one more thing to consider: the finish. Paints come in a variety of finishes, and you’ll have to figure out which one is ideal for your project before getting your brush and roller out.

5 Types of Wall Paints and Finishes


Paints that are flat (also known as matte paints) have the lowest amount of sheen. They cover the biggest surface area of any painting and require lesser coats to hide flaws such as nail holes. While they provide excellent coverage, they are the least durable sort of paint and will be destroyed if cleaned, thus they are best utilized in low-traffic areas such as dining areas, and on objects that will not be handled frequently, such as ceilings.


Eggshell color finishes are extremely popular. They’re a little shinier than flat also known as matte paints (with an eggshell-like low sheen), but they still cover faults and are more resilient than plain finishes (yet still not quite as strong as gloss or satin finishes). Eggshell paints like antique white are ideal for low to moderate-traffic areas such as living rooms, corridors, and entryways.


The most prevalent inside paint texture is a satin finish. They have such a velvety sheen and are simpler to wash than matte or eggshell paints, making them ideal for high-traffic spaces such as playrooms, kitchens, family rooms, restrooms, and laundry rooms. (Before you choose a satin paint, keep in mind that its gloss is more likely to disclose brushwork, rendering touch-ups more difficult down the road.)

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Semi-gloss paints are bright and lustrous. They’re incredibly durable and mildew-resistant, so they’re perfect for rooms that see a lot of use or wetness, such as children’s rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. They’re also excellent for trimming. They will expose defects more than sparkly paints because of their glossier finish.


High-gloss paint is the glossiest of all the paint finishes. They’re also the toughest and most hygienic, allowing them to withstand everyday scrubbing. Consider using this color group on doorways, trim, and cabinets. High-gloss paint could be used as an external detail, such as on shutters, in addition to being an inside paint. When utilizing this finish, though, it’s crucial to do your homework because if done incorrectly, it might reveal a lot of flaws.

What to Think About When Picking a Paint Finish?

Before you go to the store and pick out paint, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you get the correct paint:


The quantity of traffic that your space will receive is perhaps the most important factor to consider when picking a paint finish. More permanent finishes like semi-gloss and satin will benefit bustling rooms like playrooms and kitchens, while quieter rooms like dining areas can get away with flat paint or even eggshell finishes. 

Paint sheen

Paint finishes are classified according to their luster, ranging from no-shine flat to very bright high-gloss. The intensity of light that each finish reflects back into the room is affected by its shininess, so if you’re trying to brighten a dark space, a somewhat higher finish will be doing better than a matte finish.