The 7 Benefits Of Installing An Undersink Water Filter

Investing in a water filtration system is an excellent way to safeguard your loved ones from waterborne illnesses. However, finding the right system can be a bit tricky with so many options available. 

There are different types of water filters on the market, some installed over the counter while others under the sink. While all these filters greatly eliminate contaminants from water, their practicality and efficiency differ.

It’s important to look into the pros and cons of your chosen water filter before making a decision. Once you’ve figured out which filter to invest in, contact reliable suppliers, like a provider called Filtap, to make sure you get a genuine product.

If you decide on an undersink water filter, you’ll enjoy several of these benefits:

1. They’re Easy To Maintain

Undersink water filters are ideal for homeowners who don’t want to maintain their purifiers constantly. These filters only require cartridge replacement whenever necessary. Replacing a cartridge is easy and will only take a couple of minutes. You don’t have to be a genius to do this task, so there’s no need to hire an expert to handle it for you.

Besides that, they don’t require special treatment or maintenance to perform well. This means maintaining an undersink water filter is easy and cheap.

2. They Don’t Require Much Space

A lot of people worry about using up too much space in their homes. That’s why they don’t like to buy big things that take up room. If you’re one of these people, think about getting a water filter that fits under your sink. 

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As the name suggests, undersink water filters are placed under the sink. This makes them space-efficient since this space only stores items like household detergents. If you use this space to install a water filter, you’ll enjoy a clean water supply without interfering with the room in your house that could be utilized for other purposes.

3. They’re Multi-Functional

Undersink water filters are impressively versatile in their functions. Not only do they ensure you have access to clean water, but some filters can also produce both hot and chilled water whenever you need it. This feature is convenient for making cold drinks or preparing hot ones with ease. These filters clean your water and make your time in the kitchen more efficient.

4. They’re Easy To Install

Many homeowners shy away from undersink water filters for fearing the installation process. While installing an undersink filter is more complicated than countertop filters, the process doesn’t require special plumbing skills. You can easily install an undersink filter with the right tools without challenges.

Besides, you can quickly access undersink water filter installation tutorials online to help you with the process. However, if you have doubts about your capability to install the filter correctly, reach out to a reputable plumber.

5. They’re Cost-Efficient

Undersink water filters offer an affordable and efficient solution for clean water. Firstly, they are inexpensive compared to the cost of buying bottled water. Secondly, they are more effective than faucets or refrigerator filters. Moreover, the installation process for these filters is quick and hassle-free, which keeps costs low. In a short time, the money you invest in an undersink water filter will be recouped, especially if you used to rely on bottled water.

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6. They Don’t Interfere With Your Kitchen Design

Undersink water filters are installed under the sink; hence they’re out of sight. This means they don’t interfere with your kitchen’s appearance. But it’s important to note that some undersink water filters have an in-built faucet. Such filters aren’t entirely concealed under the sink. However, they come in excellent designs to fit any kitchen design.

7. They Purify Water Completely

Undersink water filters effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, such as chlorine, lead, and bacteria, ensuring the water you consume is healthy and safe. In fact, some high-quality undersink filters can remove up to 99% of these impurities. As a result, your water not only tastes better but also contributes to the overall well-being of you and your family. 

Are Undersink Water Filters Long-Lasting?

A residential undersink water filter can last up to one year before being replaced. However, depending on its state, you can replace the water filter after six months. This means you can enjoy the benefits outlined above for one year.

Regarding undersink water filters in commercial settings, they require replacement after four to six months. These filters experience high use; hence are likely to wear quickly.


While ordinary water seems clean, it may contain disease-causing organisms that are unlikely to be seen with the naked eye. It’s best that every homeowner invests in water filters to purify their household water to avoid contracting waterborne diseases. Embrace this practical solution to transform your tap water into a reliable source of hydration for you and your family.