Best Additions for a New Home in Schaefferstown, PA

The small town of Shaefferstown, PA, in the heart of Lebanon County, is known for its low cost of living – approximately 8% lower than the national average – and affordable homes that hover around $180,000. With the advent of remote work, its real estate market has heated up, as many are leaving the big cities for a more rural life: in fact, the average house spent only five days on the market in 2022, with buyers coming from metropolises like New York and Philadelphia. 

This tiny town received 0.34% of searches for homes nationwide; while this may seem small, this means that 1,559 house hunters were interested in moving into Shaefferstown, which has a population of only 923 people

Clearly, there’s a high demand to live here, meaning that new construction is incredibly popular. Building a brand new home takes careful planning and prioritization of assets that will give the best return on investment, so you should consider taking on these projects to boost appeal and get the best offers from eager movers. 

Brick Facades

When you’re building a new property, you have numerous choices for the facade, but brick is the best choice for Shaefferstown. It’s more durable than cedar or laminate siding, and it also better fits with the rest of the area’s buildings, which are typically covered in grey or cream stone. Plus, brick provides great noise buffering and insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Its longevity means you won’t need to replace it for decades, perfect for a new construction rental that you would like to get on the market right away.

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Patios and Gardens

Shaefferstown’s mild summers mean that residents spend a lot of time outdoors, and there’s no better place to relax than on your own patio. Hardscape projects, such as paved walkways, provide a strong return on investment, especially as they will endure for years to come.

In keeping with the town’s historic aesthetic, consider using dry stack blocks to build garden paths and delineate garden beds, or use irregular flagstones to provide a more rugged look. A natural stone store in the area can provide you with helpful advice about what would look best on your property, and you’ll enjoy excellent customer service and low shipping.

Stone Countertops

It’s tempting to use the cheapest materials when building a home for sale or rent, but this can reduce your actual return on investment, as homebuyers are looking for quality, especially in the kitchen. Stone countertops, such as those made from quartz, granite, or marble, are very hardy, which makes them a great option for a rental. You won’t need to worry about replacing them in only a few years as you would with linoleum. 

There are a variety of options for stone countertops, but the most popular is quartz, which is more affordable and more durable than marble. It comes in numerous colors and finishes, though most are white, grey, or cream. If you’d really like to wow a potential tenant, go for a bold color like rose or black. This will make your property stand out, which is vital when you’re competing for tenants with numerous other new constructions in the area.

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People move to Shaefferstown for its small-town feeling and long history, which includes unique architectural features like built-ins and carved wood. While you want to be cost-effective in your building, you also want to provide a sense of timelessness, and built-ins are a great way to include a bit of personality without breaking the bank.

Consider building bookshelves along one wall of a study, or include shelves in a closet to provide some extra storage space. These are small expenditures, but they’ll stick in the minds of buyers and potential tenants.

Hardwood Floors

These are a perennial favorite amongst buyers of all types, but they fit well in an older village like Shaefferstown, where many buildings still have the original floor. Easier to maintain and less likely to need repair, hardwood floors provide durability and comfort, which can be incredibly important for busy buyers. As it can be difficult to match linoleum and hardwood, tile is a better choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

However, if you’re planning on renting out the construction, you should use linoleum throughout the home, as it can withstand harder wear. It’s also easier to pull out and replace a few planks should your tenants be especially rough on your property.

Shaefferstown is booming, and you can cash in by carefully considering how to construct a new property for maximum effect. Tap into the venerable history of this village to provide the aesthetic that buyers are looking for, and watch the offers flood in.