6 Spots To Declutter For A Quick Home Sale

Before selling your home, it’s vital to remember that first impressions are everything. This includes the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, front yard, and living room to the backyard. That means you’d have to do a few repairs and decluttering in your home. Decluttering goes a long way in making your property more appealing and consequently attractive to potential buyers.

Keeping your home organized allows interested homebuyers to focus more on the space in the room rather than the contents. It’s advised to remove things like travel items, family photos, and knick-knacks for a quick home sale. It’s best to store away any political and religious memorabilia because you don’t want your buyer to prejudge your home and lower your chances of a sale.

Getting your home ready for sale requires much work and can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled the following essential spots to declutter for a quick home sale.

1. Front Yard And Back Yard

Home buyers often walk or drive around the neighborhood before visiting open houses. These potential buyers need to see how your porch or back yard looks and how appealing it is. If you have a garden, it’s crucial to work on it and eliminate weeds and any other plants that may make it look untidy. Therefore, keeping these areas appealing for a positive impression is essential. If you find trimming and tidying the porch challenging, you can hire a landscaper or lawn care services to help you.

2. Living Room

Next to the front yard, the living room is the one in line to showcase your home. For that reason, it’s best to keep it orderly and free from magazines, disorganized throw pillows, and disarranged bookshelves. You should clear unnecessary things that make the living room cluttered.

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Doing this enables easy movements for potential buyers. A clutter-free living room can help sell your home quicker since it makes the space more relaxing and appealing. It can also help buyers visualize what they want to do with the space. You can reach out to any reliable removal team to help you get rid of unwanted stuff in your home. For example, you can click here to learn more about a company in Sydney.

3. The Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the prime places every potential buyer won’t miss when inspecting a home. This means that even if you have a small or outdated one, decluttering will help bring its best. Ensure the countertops are clean and have no extra appliances. Make your refrigerator door free from sticky notes and magnets and the cupboards and pantry organized. Additionally, deep clean the entire kitchen and arrange everything to its shortest to make the place clutter-free.

4. The Bathrooms

Potential home buyers always focus on the bathroom’s appearance during a house hunt. Clear out your countertops and remove excess items from the cabinets to make buyers visualize how they will transform the place.

You can use storage baskets to simplify your items on the countertops to make the place more organized. Don’t forget to clean every corner, including your drains, as buyers may want to test them out. You can use a thrift drain cleaner to clear the clogs effectively within minutes.

5. The Garage

Many people find it challenging to declutter the garage because it covers multiple purposes: park your car, store your extras, and possibly do your laundry. Clearing the unwanted things that create clutter means more work and time to clean the place. However, your efforts will be worth it. A clean and organized garage makes it attractive and appealing to buyers, allowing them to visualize whether their car could fit there or what they could do with the space.

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6. The Hallways

A hallway always makes a statement in a home. So, if you pile it up with unnecessary items, it’ll make your home feel cramped. For example, too many hanging hooks, printed photographs, or exaggerated artwork can clutter your hallway, especially if it’s narrow. If you find it challenging to decorate your hallway without decluttering, it’s best to schedule time with a professional designer to help you.


Other than hiring a professional real estate agent when listing your home, it’s wise to declutter first to make it more efficient. Realtors should be able to give you a legitimate laid-out plan of how they will sell your home and the exact costs, but you should complement that with getting your home organized and appealing.

Getting your home ready for a quick sale isn’t just a matter of putting a ‘For Sale sign’ in front of your house. It requires more, and the guide above has illustrated important spots to declutter for a quick home sale.