5 Benefits of Installing Window Shutters in Your Living Room

Installing window shutters helps to reduce the movement of heat between the inside of your home and outside, which in turn enables you to save on energy bills. They also reduce the amount of sunlight entering a room, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in winter.

You can control how much light is let in with a range of louver sizes available. Use the slats to darken your room so you can sleep better at night, or open them up to enjoy natural light during the day.

Energy Efficiency

Window shutters are an excellent energy-efficient solution as they help to keep heat in and cold out. In addition, window shutters provide greater control over natural light than blinds and curtains. This allows you to set the sunlight you want in a room and protects furniture from UV damage.

Unlike vertical blinds, which have an R-value of 1, shutters have an R-value of 4 or higher, which means they offer a more effective insulating solution for your living space. This can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Well-fitted shutters can minimize heat loss during winter by around 30%, thus lowering your energy bills. This is because they create a seal that keeps indoor air at a comfortable temperature. This also prevents warm air from escaping, which would otherwise cause the HVAC system to work harder.

Natural Light

Window shutters allow much natural light to filter into your living space. That light helps to energize you and boost your mood during the day. It’s also scientifically proven that natural sunlight can fight depression in adults and children.

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Unlike curtains that leave gaps for nosy neighbors to peek through, window shutters can be slanted to block out prying eyes while leaving the top louvers open to let in ample sunlight. They’re ideal for homeowners who want to add privacy but still want abundant natural light in their rooms.

Unpack the shutters in a carpeted area to avoid scratching them. Once they’re unpacked, use a piece of paper to create a ‘feeler gauge’ and check the gaps between your shutter panels and frame. If they’re even, the shutters are ready to be installed! Whether you have nonstandard size or shape windows or want something unique, you might also need or desire custom window treatments for many reasons.


Window shutters create an additional barrier between your windows and the outside elements, such as rain, cold air, and UV rays. This helps your house retain heat in the winter and stay more relaxed in the summer.

Window Shutters also help to provide privacy for your family. As the slats and louvers in shutter panels are narrow, they do not allow for uninvited views into your home from the street or neighbors. This gives you a sense of security against opportunist burglars looking for an easy target to break into.

When shopping for interior window shutters, choose the suitable material based on your budget and lifestyle needs. Vinyl shutters are the least expensive, while composite and faux wood options are more durable but require regular cleaning and refinishing to maintain their appearance.


Window shutters add a sophisticated look to your home that elevates the style and ambiance of the space. While fashions change, shutters maintain a clean, timeless aesthetic that will last decades and complement any interior décor.

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To check whether your shutters are lined up properly with the frame, use a piece of paper to create a feeler gauge and test the vertical gap between each panel door (known as the ‘reveal’) to make sure it is even and consistent from top to bottom. If the holes aren’t even, your shutters may need adjusting.

Installing your shutters correctly is essential for the long-term aesthetic of your living room. 

Noise Reduction

Shutters act as an additional layer of insulation to block out external noise. Whether it’s loud music from the next door or cars on a nearby street, shutters will reduce outside noises that could interrupt your home life.

Window shutters offer privacy benefits not found with other window treatments, especially curtains. Blinds can leave gaps for peeping neighbors to peer into your home, and window shutters provide a completely sealed, solid cover that you can open or close to keep unwanted attention.

Their lack of cords makes them child-friendly, allowing you to darken a room to help your kids sleep better through the night or block out sunlight when you want to relax on a sunny day. They also easily wipe down for a quick cleaning to eliminate dust and grime buildup.